Massage falls into two categories; relaxation massage, and therapeutic massage.

Relaxation massage is just what the name says. It helps to relax the muscles, stimulate blood flow, reduce stress, and give you an overall feeling of well being. Today, with our complex and fast paced lifestyles, many people find relaxation massage to be an invaluable tool for relieving stress. Others love to pamper themselves with massage just because it makes them feel so good. Relaxation massage requires no physician referral, but is generally not covered by insurance. To help make your massage more affordable we have a low standard fee of $65 for a one hour massage. Prepaid package deals bring the price down even lower. Hot Stone treatment is available at a small additional fee.

We even have a "Try before you buy" offer for a one hour relaxation massage at only $39 for first time clients. Call for details.

Therapeutic massage is a deeper, more involved procedure designed to relieve muscle spasms, reduce trigger points, increase blood flow, drain lymphatic channels, reduce pain, and restore body function. It is considered a medically necessary procedure requiring a physician referral, and usually is covered by insurance.Therapeutic massage works together with Chiropractic care extremely well, especially in cases of traumatic injury such as car accidents and work injuries. Our massage therapists are well versed in therapeutic massage for injury treatment. Your medical physician, or Dr. Friedly can give you a referral for therapeutic massage if your condition warrants it.


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